Companies aren’t made of bricks and mortar. They’re built on blood, sweat and a few tears.

The greatest asset of any business is its people. The ProspEquity philosophy is simple—by investing in and inspiring people, we can create a transformative competitive advantage, which is key to innovation, productivity, growth, and profitability.

Add to that capital and expertise and proven methodologies and processes, and we can help catapult a company to next stage growth in a sustainable, measurable and proactive way.

How we invest in people:

We have seen time and time again that all people in an enterprise have a role in fueling profit and growth, not just those in the C-suite.

  • Launch high-impact short- and long-term playbook
  • Deploy scalable structures, methodologies, and processes
  • Listen, share and work together at every level
  • Empower, inspire, and excite the entire company
  • Motivate and advance employees with leadership development, education, career enhancements, and rewarding benefits
  • Plan succession to carry on the legacy of middle-market founders, laying the foundation for the next phase of growth
  • Involve employees for positive impact throughout the entire community