About Us

Creating and building prosperity isn’t just about building wealth. It’s about bringing all stakeholders together for synergistic success.

The Prospequity Ecosystem™ is unique, efficient and highly effective. That’s because we do things a lot differently than other private equity firms. To us, it’s about more than building wealth. It’s about creating goodwill in the community, recognizing and capitalizing on people’s strengths, putting owners and leadership on a better path to next-level growth, employing disruptive technology, and leveraging our vast network of products, services, suppliers and channels for the greater good.

It’s an ecosystem that allows us to source more and better deals, because we see opportunities other private equity companies never see. Our team of portfolio companies, academic advisors and accelerators, strategic partners, and ProspEquity leadership can identify and seize upon opportunities worthy of investment without ever placing a single bid. Plus, we have access to deals from 150+ investment bankers across North America.

We generally focus on opportunities with exceptional market potential and an EBITDA of $2 to $30 million. But we are not adverse to smaller or larger opportunities if their culture fits well with our people-first philosophy.

The overarching litmus test for any investment opportunity we fund is whether or not it can create lasting economic and social value. By establishing an unshakeable framework where investors, employees, customers, partners, and the community can prosper, we all succeed.

In fact, the power of a positive community reputation is one of the major drivers of topline growth. By focusing on shared beliefs, companies positively viewed within their communities attract and retain top-tier talent, are able to forge important relationships with civic leaders and regulators, and can better influence media, thought leaders, and the public.

With that said, not all opportunities are a good fit for us. We’re very selective in the companies we choose to work with, and align ourselves with those where we can provide extensive industry insight, and operate within the right culture and entrepreneurial spirit where the ProspEquity Ecosystem can thrive.

In The News

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